The Northern Alberta Cage Bird Association is a club whose members have an interest in all varieties of cage birds. The club operates in the greater Edmonton area but also serves members from across Alberta and western Canada.

The Objectives of the club are:
1: To promote the study of the care and breeding of cage birds and to facilitate the exchange of information between members.

2: To educate members and the general public in maintaining a healthy environment for cage birds.

3: To assist in the collection of scientific data and maintain pedigree registration through national affiliations.

4: To encourage the general public to participate in the activities of the Association through meetings, exhibitions and shows.

5: To encourage and protect the interests of fanciers, breeders and exhibitors.

6: To assist as we are able, in the preservation of rare and endangered avian species.


Our club is bornJay picture out of the ashes of the originally formed Northern Alberta Cage Bird Society which operated from 1976 – 1982. With the rebirth of the club in 1993, we registered as a non- profit organization in September of 1994 with a group of 7 members. At the time and for the first few years we felt that we had the smallest and most northerly club in North America, but not any longer.

The clubs original members were: Jay Bunker(President), Jack Norton(Vice Pres), Christine Versteeg (Secretary/Treasure), Oliver Troock (Show Manager), Bjarne Knudskov (Rings/Membership), Gudrun Knudskov (Social Convenor), Bev Bunker (Member at large). Jay (picture) is the last of the original members

The number one issue at that time was to put the ‘A’ back in aviculture and bring breeding birds to the forefront of our club. As hobbyists and fanciers we wanted to share our interests with others, educate the public and members in bird keeping and breeding of cage birds. We have been very successful in doing so through regular monthly meetings, summer baby shows and annual fall shows. We also publish a newsletter to keep in touch with our out of town members and keep everyone informed of the clubs activities. The newsletter started out at a twice yearly printing in 1995, it progressed to 10 issues per year but in 2012 we settled on 5 issues per year. It is now sent out via email

Although the club is an all variety type, the majority of fanciers interests seem to be with the smaller varieties of cage birds: canaries, finches and small hookbills. To further assist the fanciers in our club we had started a library and had subscribed regularly to the British newspaper Cage and Aviary Birds (which celebrated its 100th birthday in 2002).

We held our first public exhibition in West Edmonton Mall in 1996 together with the Edmonton Pet Parrot Club. After building our membership base a little, we decided to start holding annual fall shows. We base the criteria for showing and judging the birds on the standards set in the United Kingdom as recommended by the AACC, which itself has based its criteria on. In 1999 we held our first annual show as well as hosting the Western Canadian Canary Classic. This got us through the starting gates and we haven’t looked back since. It is felt that in due time, ours will be one of the premier shows in western Canada.

Our latest change came in 2014 when the club had a name change, due to government regulations and is now referred to as an association instead of a society.

-Jay Bunker

(founding member)